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3D Carp - Fishing game - 31 May 2007 - Back

3D Carp - Fishing game

And now for a bit of fun!! A quick look at the free 3D carp fishing game. Perfect for wiling away a few hours during a slow spell at work or when you can't get down the pit.

Whilst there are many fishing games out there this is something a bit different as of course it's about targetting our favourite species, the wily cypry.

Free to download, link at the bottom of the page, 3D carp is set at Bury Hill fisheries and allows you to chase a number of known fish as well as a host of computer generated carp.

The entry screen is nicely laid out and intuitive, it is fairly obvious how to change bait etc. By clicking on appropriate icons you can tune your tackle and bait and a lake layout map allows you to choose a swim.

What quite like about this game is the emphasis on finding the fish before wetting a line. Something that obviously rings true with reality. You can visit any swim on the lake and use polarised binoculars before casting to help you find the beasts. For a bit of added fun you can swim around the lake from a ducks perspective although fortunately problem tuftys haven't been included.

On choosing a spot make your casts and sit back!! the action is usally pretty quick in coming and after striking battle ensures. Using the mouse to adjust rod angle allows you to apply some hefty side strain if necessary and with a bit of patience you'll get the fish to the net. It's quite easy to snap off though, so just trying to heave 'em in won't work.

Designed for windows XP. What's to criticise - it's free, fun and definately beats playing solitaire. Download here:
3D Carp

Version 2 which features a number of enhancements is available soon.


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